Tramontina End Grain Chopping Board 45 x 34 cm

    Tramontina End Grain Chopping Board 45 x 34 cm

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      What's IncludedWhat's Included
      • 1x Chopping Board (45cm x 34cm x 3cm)

        Product DescriptionProduct Description

        Experience culinary excellence with our End Grain Teak Wood Chopping Board, a testament to quality and versatility. This exceptional large wooden chopping board is crafted from sustainably sourced teak wood, delivering not only top-notch performance but also natural beauty to your culinary space. Measuring a substantial 45cm in length, 34cm in width, and boasting a solid 3cm thickness, this cutting board offers a generous canvas for all your kitchen endeavours.
        Whether you're a home chef seeking the ultimate in functionality or a host looking to impress guests with stunning presentation, this mineral oil chopping board rises to the occasion. Its deep juice rim is a boon for steak enthusiasts and those who appreciate a mess-free cooking experience.
        But this end grain chopping board is not limited to chopping duties alone; it shines as a pizza board, cheese board, kitchen board, and even a burger serving board, offering versatility that's second to none. Whether you're hosting an indoor dinner party or an outdoor barbecue, this teak wood masterpiece elevates every dining occasion.
        Coated with mineral oil, it not only achieves a beautiful finish but also provides microbial protection. Its end-grain design sets it apart from ordinary face-grain boards, adding a naturally stunning dimension to this serving board.
        Got gifting in mind? This gorgeous serving board would make a perfect gift for a culinary enthusiast, a home chef, or someone who appreciates fine kitchen accessories.

        • Teak wood

        End Grain Chopping Board:

        • Product dimensions (length x width x height): 45cm x 34cm x 3cm
        • Packaging dimensions (length x width x height): 45.5cm x 35.7cm x 3.5cm

        Tramontina End Grain Chopping Board 45 x 34 cm - Tramontina Store

        90-day warranty against manufacturing defects

        Care & UsageCare & Usage

        Before using it for the first time, wash the product and rinse it thoroughly.
        After each use, wash the product as usual with a soft sponge, soap, and detergent, and dry it with a cloth.
        Store in a well-ventilated place (avoid drawers and cupboards).
        Do not clean in the dishwasher or with steel wool pads.
        Do not put the product in the oven or in the fridge.

        Product Features Product Features

        Product Features


            With a spacious 45cm length, 34cm width, and substantial 3cm thickness, this large wooden chopping board provides ample room for all your culinary creations. Its generous size makes it perfect for large pizza servings, elaborate cheese boards, serving up juicy burgers, and extensive food preparation tasks.


            Unlike regular face-grain boards, our end-grain design is simply stunning to look at. What's more, this wooden chopping board boasts a beautiful finish while also offering microbial protection thanks to its mineral oil coating.

          • DEEP JUICE RIM

            A must-have for steak connoisseurs and anyone who loves to keep their culinary workspace clean. The deep juice rim captures every savoury drop, ensuring mess-free meal preparation.


            Whether you're prepping ingredients, presenting a culinary masterpiece, or using it as a pizza board, cheese board, or kitchen board, this versatile kitchen accessory excels in every role. It's equally at home in your indoor and outdoor dining spaces.

          • PERFECT GIFT

            Searching for a gift that combines elegance and functionality? Look no further! This wooden chopping board makes an ideal present for food enthusiasts and home chefs.

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